You love the idea of adding profit, time, and peace of mind to your business with the Simple Sales System... but you DON'T love the idea of trying to figure it all out yourself?

good news: there's a course for that

The Simple Sales Blueprint

everything you need to customize, price, and launch the Simple Sales System in your photography business in 14 days (or less)!

photography can be a tough business!

if any of these strike a nerve...

Price-shoppers who balk at your rates (apparently ghosting isn't just for the dating scene)

Getting your clients to invest in prints and products (does"we just want the digitals" sound familiar?)

Keeping up with the to-do's on your list (The solopreneur struggle is oh-so-real)

Figuring out what to charge (and no, setting your prices based on what someone else is charging doesn't count)

Maintaining a schedule that reflects your values & priorities (Boundaries? Weekends? What are those???)

Working your @$$ off all year, just to realize you barely made a profit (#glorifiedhobby)

...settle into a comfy seat and keep reading... you're in the right place.

(the photographer behind the system)

Back in 2017, my divorce lawyer looked at my finances and told me I needed to give up my 7-year career as a (pretty successful) photographer and go back to my "real job" as a nurse...

Paralyzed, I cycled through 3 (rather dramatic) emotions:

First I felt rage (I mean, who even SAYS something like that?!?

Then I felt panic (she was right: I needed to make more money)

Finally, I felt motivated...

I knew there had to be a way to earn in-person sales-type money using a more modern, streamlined approach.

So I decided to take those lemons and make lemonade...

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I needed more money in less time...

So I took the lessons I'd learned from in-person sales and reverse-engineered them:

i kept...

The print and product sales 

The profitability, and 

The fantastic client experience

then i got rid of...

The high-pressure sales 

The stress of "how much will this person buy?", and 

The crushing amount of time involved

and just when I needed it most,

I got a fairytale ending:

within seven months of launching, i had  increased my income by over 30% (working half the time)

I was spending time with my kids, saving money, and  falling in love with my business all over again 

these days, my photography business brings in a  full-time salary in about 8 hours a week 

and in the time I have left over, I teach other photographers how to do the same in their businesses!

*** but this is no fairytale ***

it's your invitation

Join the community of 1000+ students who've built profitable, sustainable photography businesses on their terms


the simple sales blueprint

a complete guide to custom-building the simple sales system for your business in two weeks or less

Simple Sales is your ticket to a business that can generate more income in less time while still thrilling your clients.

...oh, and there's no hard sales pitch required.

You love making photos,

You love bringing joy to your clients...

But stressing about booking? Talking about money? Keeping up with the day-in, day-out admin?


welcome to your brand new business

(the shortcut is waiting inside)

"A friend of mine said the Blueprint was life changing - and she was right! It just doesn’t make sense to be a photographer and not use this model of sales.”

- cassidy parker Smith

Let's peek at what's inside, SHALL WE?



the foundation

I know how easy it is to have great intentions when you buy a new course, only to lose momentum when you hit a speed bump or life gets in the way, so the first module is designed to give you a clear path forward.

In addition to deep-diving the steps of Simple Sales, I'll walk you through a series of exercises to clarify your vision, define the terms of your success with Simple Sales, and choose an action plan and launch date.

There's even the opportunity to get some accountability to ensure you stay motivated!

after completing module 1, you'll have

100% clarity on the business you're working toward and the path that will get you there!

Next, it's time to crunch some numbers.

We'll start with the legendary Simple Sales Calculator, which is SO MUCH MORE than a pricing calculator. Not only will you learn what you need to charge and why, you'll understand exactly how those numbers break down into your session fee, collections, and product prices.

And speaking of collections and products, this is also where you'll learn how to structure your collections and which products to offer in your store.


Establishing the Framework

after completing module 2, you'll have

All the the details of your new offer... not to mention the confidence that comes with truly understanding the what-when-why of your pricing!


creating the infrastructure

Now that you've got all the details of your offer dialed in, it's time to figure out how to communicate those details to your clients!

I share my best strategies for ALL the client education - phone calls, emails, pdfs, and videos - so that you can quickly & easily set up a client communication system that will work overtime while you snuggle with your pooch or catch up on Netflix.

Many of my students say the library of templates you get in this module is worth the price of the course all by itself.

after completing module 3, you'll have

saved Dozens (maybe even hundreds) of hours!!!

In the time you might've spent trying to DIY this part, you could easily take on 5 new clients!

It's almost time to launch! 

You're excited (and maybe a little nervous) and could really use a pep talk. I've got you.

First, I'll give you a tour of your brand new workflow, so you'll feel prepared to give even your very first Simple Sales client a seamless experience. Then I'll share some of my favorite strategies and tools for streamlining your process even further.

Finally, I share some of the secret sauce that I believe has contributed to my success with Simple Sales over the years.


adding the finishing touches

after completing module 4, you'll have

a shiny, new, ready-to-launch system (and the relief of knowing that this time, your reality is going to live up to the dreams you had when you first started)

I have a marketing background, but sales psychology is hard for me and I was struggling with self-worth. Seeing the math and formulaic pricing clicked. Pricing became less emotional and more rational. 

I've made more money in one month with fewer shoots than several months leading up to it. The Blueprint has already paid itself off and then some!

- michelle loufman

oh, and then there are the bonuses...

bonus 1

How to Fast-Track your collection Sales

If you like to get paid fast, you're going to love this bonus training that will help ensure your clients get their orders in... on time, every time.

bonus 2

how to automate Simple sales with your CRM

Systems genius Colie James created an exclusive training on how to build (and automate) your Simple Sales workflows in your CRM.

bonus 3

a complete guide to using SIMPLE SALES in Pic-Time

If you're a Pic-Time user (or want to be), this complete set of bonus trainings walk you through all the tech required to take full advantage of the Simple Sales App

want TO peek behind the curtain?



    "It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple"

    -steve jobs

    I named it the Simple Sales System because once it was up and running, it felt effortless... to me and my clients. But getting to that point took a lot of work.

    If you've ever watched a figure skater gracefully glide across the ice, then donned a pair of skates and immediately landed on your , you know that effortlessness often starts with a lot of effort.

    When I explain the six steps of the Simple Sales System, people sometimes ask why they need a course to get it set up... and it's certainly possible to build it without the course (I did!). But don't let the apparent simplicity fool you...

     here are a few of the questions that photographers regularly get stuck on:

      How much should I charge for my session fee? What about my collections? And what about my products? How can I be sure that I'm profitable but also make my pricing attractive to my ideal clients?

      These questions are SUPER important, and don't come with a one-size-fits-all answer. The Simple Sales Calculator takes everything from your financial needs to your work-style preferences into account and gives you a straightforward path to (guaranteed) profit.
      Structuring your collections correctly and choosing the right products for your target market are key to not only getting hired, but maximizing your potential for that top-collection sale.

      My time-tested formulas have helped hundreds of photographers get their offers right the first time... even if they've never sold anything more complicated than all-inclusive.
      Great client education and communication are KEY to clients who are not only ready to hire you, but thrilled with the experience and ready to shout about your business from the rooftops.

      I teach a four-pronged approach that drips out everything your clients need to know, exactly when they need to know it, in ways that ensure they get the message. (Oh, and in case you don't love writing or feel comfortable on the phone or on camera, there are templates and trainings for ALL of it!)
    • WHAT IF...?
      What if my client doesn't purchase their collection right away? What if I don't want to limit my client's preview time? What if I do final edits after my clients choose their collection? What if someone asks for just digitals?

      Despite the fact that many people claim the Blueprint is the most comprehensive course they've ever taken, there are always new questions that pop up... and we LOVE it! Access to our support ticketing system and private Facebook group give you ongoing support as you go through the course and beyond!

    the blueprint has absolutely  Everything you need  to ditch frustration, confusion, and overwhelm so you can get simple sales customized, priced, and launched...

    in two weeks or less

    So if you were ready YESTERDAY to build a business that's profitable, sustainable, and as "you" as your favorite sweater, it's time to join The Simple Sales Blueprint


    The 4 primary course modules, plus the bonus module and several recorded live trainings & Q&As

    The Simple Sales Calculator to help you determine the perfect pricing for your session fee, collections, & products

    A complete set of professionally-written, copy & paste email templates (over 30 in total!)

    Training on the Product Matrix so you can craft a selection of products for every taste and budget

    Sample price lists and sales pages - no need to reinvent the wheel here!

    Sales call training (listen in on what it sounds like to confidently communicate your price and process)

    Video inspiration, recommendations, and training to build out your video library to reduce friction and increase product sales

    A customizable workflow template so you know exactly what you need to do every step along the way


    A customizable workflow template (know exactly what you need to do every step along the way)

    Colie James' tech training on how to automate the system using Client Relationship Management software

    the Pic-Time tech tutorial library (and bonus email templates for use with their app)

    Ongoing support via the private Facebook group & the support ticketing system

    P.S. Most students report increasing their revenue by 50-200% within the first year, and earn back the cost of the Blueprint in just a couple of sessions!

    worried you might get stuck?

    there are two ways to get help:

    the private facebook group

    The private Facebook group is an incredible resource... not just for getting quick answers to questions as you're going through the course, but for insights on how others are using the System, the latest insights and inspiration on what's working to market, sell, and maximize the System, and moral support as you get ready to launch!

    This active group maintains a growth-minded, supportive tone and includes like-minded photographers representing all kinds of niches, markets, and geographic locations.

    the support ticketing system

    Maybe you're not on Facebook or want input directly from our team... not to worry. Our industry-leading support ticketing system allows you to submit questions (along with screenshots, screen recording videos, etc.) and get a guaranteed answer from our knowledgable support team within two business days. 

    The support ticketing system is new, but as it grows, it's also creating a database of searchable answers that may just give you the quickest possible answer to your questions!

    a complete guide to using SIMPLE SALES in Pic-Time

    more love for the blueprint...

    "The Simple Sales Blueprint is the best course I have ever invested in. Annemie removes all the guesswork and delivers an entire system that works out of the box. If you need a complete system to create a sustainable and profitable photography business, you need this course!"



    "When you used to charge $650 all inclusive before SSS and you just got that New Sale email from PicTime with your latest client gallery purchase and it's $2400!!! Annemie you literally have changed my life with this system!"

    "OMG Annemie Tonken where have you been my whole life?!? I just finished Module 3 and I think I love you. Never has any of this ever been explained so clearly and in so much detail. Thank you thank you thank you!"

      GABBIE F.

    I have poured my dozen-plus years of experience and insight into creating the Simple Sales Blueprint, and after testing it not only in my own business but now with 1000+ other photographers as well, I am CONFIDENT that it can become a game-changer in your business too.

    But we've all been bitten before by courses that promise the moon and deliver... less than that. And I want you to feel confident as you make this purchase....

    so I guarantee it.

    You have a full week to dive in and explore the Blueprint for yourself, risk-free. If you feel like I'm not giving you everything you need to get Simple Sales customized, priced, and launched in your business, all you have to do is contact my team at within 7 days of purchase for a full refund... No questions asked.

    wondering whether you're ready?

    If you find yourself nodding along to any of the following...

    You’d love to crack the code on how to find and book more clients… without competing on price.

    You feel like everything (your pricing, your to dos, your sanity) is all over the place and you're ready to level up.

    Your business is booming but you’re burning out and don’t know how much longer you can keep up the pace.

    You’d love to increase your revenue without having to feel pushy or sales-y with your clients.

    You’re great at getting things done when you have a clear sense of what needs to be done and in what order.'re (more than) ready... and I'd love to have you in my community!
    • I'm a [fill in the blank] photographer... will the Simple Sales System work for me?
      Simple Sales is highly flexible, and it has worked for photographers all over the world, serving clients at every price point. The system is ideal for portrait work of all kinds (boudoir, engagement, family, newborn, etc.), but if you serve clients who would benefit from a combination of digital and physical product, Simple Sales is a great option for you.
    • You don’t know my money situation or my market… how can you guarantee that this system will be profitable?
      Profit isn’t a fixed number - it depends on your needs and expenses. But when you use my calculator to find that number for your needs and your business, then plug it into my collection-building formula, you will be guaranteed to profit with each portrait session you book using those prices.
    • Speaking of guarantees, how hard will it be to get a refund if I decide the Simple Sales Blueprint isn’t for me?
      If you contact us within a week of your purchase to request a refund, we'll issue it… simple as that.
    • How many hours will I have to invest in setting the system up? I want to be sure I have the time…
      Let's be real: the busier you are, the MORE you need a system that can dramatically reduce your workflow. The Blueprint is an amazing tool that will allow you to get a custom version of the system up and running in somewhere between 15-20 hours, depending on your level of experience in business.
    • I learn differently from most people... how will your course work for me?
      I totally get that everyone has different learning styles... it's part of the reason I teach so many education strategies for our clients! The Blueprint content is delivered in multiple ways: you can watch the videos (most of which are accompanied by slides), you can download and read the transcripts, or you can just listen to the audio on the go!
    • The thought of being part of yet another Facebook Group isn't particularly enticing to me. How can I get my questions answered?
      Lol - same. Buuutttt... I will say that the Blueprint Facebook Group is one of the most supportive, action-oriented groups I've ever heard of, much less been a part of. That said, if you're on team #anythingbutfacebook, you can submit your questions to the support ticketing system for answers within 3 business days, or search the question database for past answers that might solve your issue!
    • I've seen several mentions of Pic-Time, but I'm not a Pic-Time user - can I still use Simple Sales and the Blueprint?
      I created and used the system without the app for close to three full years - it is 100% possible! The app does save you some time by automating several steps, but you will still save loads of time using the system, no matter your online gallery sales platform. The Blueprint walks you through how to use the system, regardless of your software.
    • I can’t get started for the next few weeks - how long will I have access to the material?
      Once you purchase the Simple Sales Blueprint, you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials, along with any updates introduced in the future. Many of my students revisit the course annually to pick up new tips for optimizing their sales averages and streamlining their systems!


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